Distribution Cabinet

  • ZBW (XWB) Series AC Box-Type Substation

    ZBW (XWB) Series AC Box-Type Substation

    The ZBW (XWB) series of AC box-type substations combine high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, and low-voltage electrical equipment into a compact complete set of power distribution devices, which are used in urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residential quarters, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized Plants, mines, oil fields, and temporary construction sites are used to receive and distribute electrical energy in the power distribution system.

  • GGD AC Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

    GGD AC Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

    GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users as AC 50HZ, rated working voltage 380V, rated current to 3150A power distribution system as power, lighting and power conversion equipment , Distribution and control. The product has high breaking capacity, rated short-time withstand current up to 50KAa, flexible circuit scheme, convenient combination, strong practicability, and novel structure.

  • MNS-(MLS) Type Low Voltage Switchgear

    MNS-(MLS) Type Low Voltage Switchgear

    MNS type low-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as low-voltage switchgear) is a product that our company combines with the development trend of our country’s low-voltage switchgear, improves the selection of its electrical components and cabinet structure, and re-registers it.The electrical and mechanical properties of the product fully meet the technical requirements of the original MNS product.

  • GCK, GCL Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

    GCK, GCL Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

    GCK, GCL series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is designed by our company according to the needs of users. It has the characteristics of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, high electrical performance, high protection level, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is used in metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industries. It is an ideal power distribution device for low-voltage power supply systems in industries such as electricity, machinery, textiles and so on. It is listed as the recommended product for the transformation of the two networks and the ninth batch of energy-saving products.